Janet Sheppard MA RCC

Counselling to integrate traumatic memories that interfere with life (conflictual or abusive relationships, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief & more).
Coaching for embodied passion! Live the life you have always wanted



Integral Spirit



As a Counselling Therapist  & Coach I use an integral and relational approach to psychotherapy, supportive counselling & life coaching. Essentially, integral encompasses an elegant integration of many different methodologies based on your worldview & values. Relational involves gathering & fine-tuning your strengths, gifts and capacities to unforseen growth & to open & heal your relationship with yourself & people in your present & past. When this occurs, all other aspects of life are noticeably influenced in new & enlivening ways.

Services Offered Include:

  • Trauma Integration for Individuals

  • Integral Coaching: Working with the essence of creativity: 'play' through the instrument that is your body.

  • Spiritual Allyship

My Areas of Professional Expertise:

(1) Individual Psychotherapy / Counselling

(2) Relationship Counselling for Individuals & Couples

(3) Integral Coaching Program (stay tuned or email me)

1. Individual Psychotherapy / Counselling:
 I specialize in working with individuals who experience or suffer from:

Dissatisfaction with life, and general unhappiness

PTSD, Dissociation, Depression and/or Anxiety

Trauma and Abuse

Relationship challenges (feeling trapped, high conflict and/or low connection/intimacy)

Grief and loss

Inability to stop repeating unhelpful patterns of relating to self & others

Feeling disconnected from oneself, others and the world

Experience of feeling numb or blank

Pervasive sense of being alone and /or lonely

Belief that one doesn’t “fit in” anywhere

Feeling hopeless, or helpless, or “stuck”


2. Relationship Counselling for Couples and Singles: I also specialize in Couples Counselling and Relationship Issues for Singles. Some of the issues I work with include:

Problems communicating effectively

Feeling alone, or unsupported

Loss of intimacy

Feeling not seen, or not heard, in the relationship

Relationship “not measuring up” to one’s expectations

Boredom and loss of fun in the relationship

Reduced vitality, or sense of aliveness, in the relationship

Stuck in unhelpful patterns of behavior

Frequent arguments or other conflicts

Consistent putdowns, criticism

Shame and blame

Infidelity: betrayal, loss of trust

Co-parenting challenges after separation or divorce

Problems with in-laws

Problems maintaining healthy intimate relationships

Sexual relating, communication & trust building



Integral Spirit